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29 juin, 2007


The Spice Girls officially announced today that all five original members will reunite and perform for 11 concerts around the world in December and January. The concerts will be the first time they've performed together since breaking up in 2001, and they're expected to make about $20 million each. Which is nice, because I think most of them were getting sick of eating cat food and sleeping in dumpsters. Besides Posh, have any of them done anything except become old and unemployed? If this thing falls through I just hope Wal-Mart lets them have their jobs back.


Anonymous slo said...

elles ont quelle tete maintenant ? elles ont pas pris 20 kg chacune ?

07 juillet, 2007  
Blogger chi chi said...

ben non
pas vixtoria en tout cas
la seule femme au monde plus maigre apres sa grossesse qu'avant....

07 juillet, 2007  

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